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Who we are...

   Our primary mission is to provide custom designed scheduling, rental, or appointment software that not only meets your exact needs but can also be upgraded or modified at any time should your needs grow or change.

   By utilizing optional remote databases, self-updating software, and other technologies not offered by other software companies we have successfully provided advanced software solutions for several clients. When compared to "off the shelf" products our custom software solutions are both lower in cost and far superior in available features and ease of use.

What we offer...

   We have a custom designed suite of business application components ideal for handling any type of appointment, scheduling, rental, equipment, or inventory management solution. Generic applications that fit these diverse business types are either non existant or too expensive for small to medium sized businesses. We can rapidly develop custom software solutions specific to the needs of your business at a cost that is comparible to a non custom application.

   We give you the ability to purchase software that only has the capabilities you desire and nothing else. If your needs show grow or change we can rapidly modify your software at any time.

Our business application components include:

  • Scheduling system complete with calendar and graphical displays which highlight potential conflicts
  • Inventory database complete with quantity tracking, graphs, images, repair, or rental history for both rental and sale items
  • Complete client management system with:
    • Address information
    • Automated email reminders
    • Client images
    • Contact history
    • Rental or sales history
    • Personalized mass emailing for advertising or promotions
  • Invoicing with customizable logo and contract or rental agreement text
  • Accounts Receivable system
  • Website integration for displaying item availability or booking reservations through the internet
  • Integration of software with existing accounting packages such as QuickBooks™

Where we are...

For more information about our products and services contact:

Paul Baker
1552 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3C 6M4
Office: 604-828-3382
Email: baker@M2Software.ca

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