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Construction Equipment

Customizable software packages are available for handling all aspects of construction equipment rental and scheduling.
Optional features include:

  • Track equipment rental history, repairs, and damage
  • ROI analysis on all equipment
  • Track operator hours and work history

Main Screens

Easily track all reserved, active, or overdue rentals.

Renew or update rental information with a click of a button.

Filter records by client or equipment rented.

Instantly view all equipment schedules for a particular day.

Easily arrange multiple equipment and operator schedules using a drag and drop interface.

Any conflicts are automatically highlighted.

Get instant access to all project, client, equipment, and operator information.

Graphical displays show upcoming equipment usage and highlight any possible conflicts.

Integrated mapping can instantly create detailed maps of project or equipment delivery sites.

Rental Screens

To schedule an equipment rental simply select the times, select a client, then click on the equipment be to rented.

Equipment currently rented is automatically removed from the selection inventory making the creation of conflicts impossible.

Equipment rates are automatically selected and charges with applicable taxes are automatically calculated.

Equipment Screens

Maintain detailed equipment records complete with rental and repair history.

Store digital images with equipment records for marketing purposes or perhaps to keep track of equipment damages.

Rental Agreement

At any time a rental agreement can be printed up and given to the operator or client.

Customized rental agreement text or company logos can easily be added or modified by the user.

Project Screen

Track current construction projects complete with client information and job site locations.

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