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Integration with Accounting Packages?
  Options are currently available for integrating our applications with QuickBooks™. Any of our applications can be customized to interface with any SQL based application provided there is an ODBC connection. Most accounting applications have a text base file exchange format which we can be customize our software to export to or import from. If you have questions about a specific accounting application please feel free to contact us.

Import/Export Data From Other Applications?
  All data within our applications can easily be exported to Excel™ or a text based format for use by other applications. We can also import your current client, equipment, and rental data into a blank database so you can get up and running right away. There is no additional charge for this service.

Bar Coding?
  Our software is currently compatible with any "Wedge Type" bar code scanner (more info). We also offer free bar code printing software. Optional features also include selecting clients or customers by scanning bar codes such as student ID cards and bar codes can also be added to print outs and receipts to ease selecting a records from the database.

Software Modifications?
  The current rate for software modifications is $50.00 USD per hour. Minor changes such as adding additional database fields or modifying print out formats are free of charge. An example of a major modification would be adding a new complex feature or integration with third party software. Data import services from excel or text files are free of charge.

Email / Website integration?
  Rental quotes, appointment confirmations, and invoices can easily be sent in email format or exported to html with the click of a button. We also offer MySQL database hosting to allow for online access. You're application data can be accessed safely and securely from any location connected to the internet allowing for multiple office, clinic, or warehouse locations.

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