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   Our highly customizable equipment scheduling and appointment systems are currently installed on hundreds of computers in businesses such as production companies, warehouses, construction companies, music studios, dental clinics, massage clinics, technical colleges, and universities. Feel free to download and experiment with the demo applications we have available. If there is a feature you would like to see added or modified just let us know.


   Our software is designed to run on any SQL compliant database including Access, SQL Server, and MySQL. We also offer online database storage with automated backups ensuring that your vital business information will never be lost and will always be accessible safely and securely from any location connected to the Internet.


   Unlike other companies we will customize your software to meet your exact needs. Only the features you require will be included making the software extremely easy to learn and efficient for you and your staff to use. We can also expand your software to include every aspect of your business such as employee hours, vehicle tracking, crew scheduling, payroll, billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, web marketing, and much more.


    Data can easily be imported and exported using common file formats such as HTML, Word, and Excel. We can provide you with a complete rental or scheduling solution or we can customize your software to ensure its compatibility with any other applications your business might currently be using such as QuickBooks, Excel, Word, or Outlook.


   Technical support is available at any time of day and at no extra charge. There are NO monthly fees and NO contracts to sign. We can either solve your problem over the phone or with your permission connect remotely to your computer and instantly solve the problem or demonstrate the solution. We can also offer you security services such as offsite data storage and recovery, remote database hosting, user access tracking, and more.

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